Research/ Artworks

Since 2020 Judith Clark has changed her studio practice, informed by not only the mounting crisis around sustainable exhibition-making but also by the need to create new conceptual frameworks for presenting practice-based research.


In 2023 she created a re-usable, mobile tripartite structure in her studio space with which to stage ‘essay’ exhibitions.


She stated ‘most exhibitions have one good idea that is then drawn out across a large space; details are repeated, and a lot of material is wasted. It is often possible to concentrate an exhibition idea into the three structures: 1. ‘Reference (a book case of key texts/imagery); 2. Site/Concept (a scale model of the exhibition site mapped onto a scale model of JC studio at 1:12 for readability in situ) and 3. A design detail 1:1, or one styled mannequin, exquisitely crafted – an element that is usually unaffordable for exhibition budgets to apply to a larger surface area or multiples.’


In 2024 Clark is launching her series “Research Souvenirs” – artworks that come from the exhibition research.